Banner Design: The Fantastic Five

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A must for any exhibition or trade show, banners are a key tool for any business looking to stand out in busy places. One of the most versatile marketing methods, they are also well-suited to add impact to your shop, business place or point of sale area due to the attention-capturing potential of their larger size.Banner design

Here are five fabulous tips for your most effective banner:

1. Give your logo pride of place

The area nearest to eye level should be kept for your company logo and essential message. Whatever it is most useful that the consumer sees and remembers, be it a slogan, image of your product or website address should be placed here, where it stands the best chance of catching the attention of those walking by.

2. Top left to bottom right

People are used to reading from top to bottom and right to left, so make your banner easy to read with a similarly simple layout. Only relevant information should be included here, and in as few words as possible.

3. Picture this

Images on your banner should be of the highest quality. A picture that looked great on your tablet screen is unlikely to produce the same effect blown up to several times that size! If you are unsure of the resolution or file type necessary for the job, we are happy to help.

4. Colour

Colour is your best friend when designing a banner. They can effect the mood and tone of your business enormously, help you stand out in a crowd and subtly link to your logo or signature business colours. You should also consider the background colour of your banner in relation to the text or images; brighter shades may be eye-catching, but certain combinations can be hard to read. The aim is always ease of access for the customer – ideally, they will be able to read the banner even from a distance.

5. Contact

Finally, don’t forget to provide contact details clearly on your banner. The larger the venue, the more this applies; at events and trade shows, for instance, you are unlikely to have the opportunity to speak to each individual who reads your banner. It is therefore paramount that they be able to reach you easily. Your website address, telephone number, contact number – or a symbol to indicate your presence on the various social media platforms – all enable the customer to seek you out when they need to. Place your selected contact method(s) at the bottom of your banner for maximum consumer engagement.

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Top tips for the perfect banner

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You may already be well-versed in the layout of other printed marketing, such as flyer or poster design, but with banner design, there are specific factors to consider to ensure its success.

Top tips for the perfect bannerHere are the key points to consider to give your banner the ‘WOW’ factor:

1 – Location, location, location

Your very first step should always be to consider where your banner is to be placed; this will affect the colour and even the content of your banner. The key aim of a banner is to be seen and read, so it must be striking enough, within its setting, to attract attention. The colour should be in contrast to the background it is set against, not blend into it, and the language appropriate to the audience and setting.

2 – Colour & contrast

As well as contrasting with its surroundings, you should make sure the colour of your banner is bold enough to attract attention in itself. Orange and yellow are typically effective at drawing the eye, but so are rarer colours, such as bright pink or luminous tones.

The text and content of the banner should be in contrast to the banner background so that both the banner and its content are easily seen and understood.

3 – Text: the bigger, the better!

It is key to remember that an effective banner can attract attention from a considerable distance. You should therefore be sure to utilise the largest font and image size available, even if this means losing some of your content. Remember: once you have peaked the consumer’s interest, they can always obtain further information from yourself, your staff, or any additional documentation you have.

4 – Choose a font that speaks for itself

You may want your banner to reflect a specific tone or mentality, but with larger print marketing, big and bold works best. Avoid flourishes, curlicues and anything obscuring the legibility of your text; a pretty font is no use if the message cannot be read! Newspapers have been capturing consumer interest within a limited space for centuries; examine some that catch your eye next time you are among a newsstand. The Times New Roman font is clearly legible from a distance, ensuring its continued popularity – in fact, it was specially commissioned by the Times Newspaper for that very reason!

5 – Keep it simple

Bearing in mind that a banner is often seen outdoors, at bustling events, with people continually moving by, the layout of your banner really mustn’t appear crowded or ‘busy’. Only use images if you have ample space, your company name and the service or product you provide is often all that is needed, along with a clever colour scheme, to gain your business some attention.

6 – Call-To-Action

If you want your target audience to become new customers, tell them how! A simple instruction, such as, ‘Call us today’, or ‘Ask in store’, equips the consumer to pursue their interest, while an incentive ‘…for your free sample, consultation or 10% discount’ gives them a measurable financial bonus for doing so. Place this in clear font at close as possible to eye level to see your business boom.

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Banner advertising gives business a boost

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Despite the dominance of digital marketing, traditional banner advertising remains a popular choice. One reason for its continued success is its comparative affordability with other marketing methods. With digital technology widespread, banner advertising has grown more advanced than ever, with competitive, professional printing more accessible than ever.Omniprint banner printing

Here are 3 fundamental benefits of banner marketing:

Customers Opt-In

Banner advertising attracts your target audience without disturbing those uninterested in your services, yet whenever your banner seen, there are potential for new customers. An unobtrusive approach, consumers that pursue their initial interest further have elected to do so themselves, and are therefore more likely to become new customers.

Banner Adverting Is Easily Remembered

Banner advertising can be used anywhere, from outside shops or over market stalls to exhibition centres and trade shows. The more distinctive the banner, the better – even consumers who do not purchase your products or services will be reminded of your banner, and therefore, your business, the next time that particular service is required. A simple brand name, website address or telephone number makes it simpler and more likely that customers will contact your business.

Banners Can Target

Banner printing is hugely customisable, the style and layout can all be adjusted to match the profile of your target customers and attract a greater amount of them. Colours, patterns, images and font can be adapted to evoke any number of moods and manners, whether you are promoting a silent disco at a fresher’s’ fair or bespoke tweed suits. Knowledge of both the mentality of your target customers and the unique selling points of your product or services are crucial. Once identified, however, banner advertising conveys this information effectively to the people you want to reach, providing a mental bookmark for your business in the mind of the consumer.

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