Beautiful Brochures and Perfect Programmes

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With the ongoing boom in digital and social media marketing, the relevance of printed programmes might be called into question. Yet there are excellent reasons as to why programmes and brochures remain an integral part of traditional printed marketing collateral.Brochure printing Market Harborough

In an age where information is free and internet access the norm, (even a human right, recognised by the United Nations!), print marketing can seem something of a  luxury, however the specific advantages offered by the medium continue to ensure its place as a unique and valuable marketing tool.

With endless options as to the finish, length and style, there is huge scope within this marketing tool to personalise the product to proffer the best reflection of your business. Greater space allows for more in-depth information, allowing you to truly distinguish your product from those of your competitors and resulting in a higher quality of contacts gained from any contact forms or promotional codes that encourage a more targeted customer engagement, and improved odds of customer loyalty. The augmented capacity of this medium allows for both a higher quantity and an improved quality of images, photographs and illustrations, all helping to transform customer attention to an active customer desire.

Essentially, increased print space means the ability to truly SELL your product, as opposed to merely TELLing your audience the bare facts, in briefer mediums. Brochures can also often be more cost-effective than paid newspaper advertisements, with notable discounts when printing in bulk, and since they don’t require an existing contact database, they may be used at any point in your marketing campaign.

When out-and-about, at festivals, outdoor events or conventions, it is not always convenient or indeed expedient for a potential customer to research a business online as they otherwise might. In such instances, an informative, attractive hard copy is crucial to representing your business, and can serve as a secondary salesperson long after its initial reception.

All these benefits can also be reaped from the use of printed programmes. With higher profile, niche and seasonal events such as Bridal fairs or world-renowned orchestral seasons, such is the demand for programmes that they can warrant a readily-paid fee and are often kept as commemorative souvenirs, extending the time any featured business, event or advertised product remains in the target market consciousness.

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Brochures To Boost Your Business!

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If you’d like to use brochures to market your business, you’ll need the copywriting, design, creative panache – and of course, customer knowledge, to make sure your brochures are effective and that potential customers respond. Market Harborough brochure printing

1. Know Your Customer.

The first step you should take before planning your brochure is to take time to understand your customer base. Who would want to buy your product? What is its unique selling point? What are its advantages and edge over your competitors? Researching at this stage, be it contacting previous customers, conducting telephone interviews with prospective ones or simply liaising with your salespeople constitutes a crucial measure in ensuring the effectiveness of your brochure in identifying specific and genuine customer needs.

2. Aid your planning with ‘AIDA’.

This acronym is a handy way of checking-off the following key points: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. To truly see great results, your brochure should first and foremost garner attention, raise interest enough to compel further reading, build upon this by creating desire within the customer for your product or service, and finally to convert all of the stages above with an effective call to action: this could be a completing and returning a contact form, calling your business number or registering for an online offer or even buying straight away.Market Harborough brochure printer

3. Don’t just tell, SELL!

Your aim should be to relate to the needs identified within your target market, and convey your solution to that. It is often said that the way to truly engage with a new acquaintance is to ask them questions about themselves; you’ve asked the questions in your market research, now relay your findings back to them and establish a connection. You should focus on the benefits, savings and other improving factors the customer will enjoy when they buy your product; if you can get your message across by highlighting your contribution to the customer’s, you will get a better initial reaction from the customer and a better chance of augmenting your business.

4. Choose slogans, headings or and graphics that capture attention and reflect your brochure’s content.

Make sure your copy is interesting, concise and relevant to your business objective – and make sure the photographs and headings accurately reflect the content!

5. Use any offers or benefits as headings to draw the customer further.

Prevent the customer from simply skimming through your brochure with eye-catching highlights and lucrative deals.Market Harborough printer

7. Present the customer with a solid reason to act NOW.

This could be a discount, complimentary gift or further benefit when the customer responds by a specific time of your choosing, or simply an emboldened reminder that the information applies while stocks last.

8. Ensure ease of response.

Make sure that the contact details for your business are accurate and clearly presented after the Reason to Act. These should include your company address, telephone number, website URL, links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts and if possible, a QR code to transport customers quickly to a specific product page, offer or newsletter.

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Update your business brochure for great results

Brochure Printing Leicestershire

A key weapon in your marketing arsenal is the humble printed brochure. Whilst potential clients can easily click onto a website, a brochure offers a more personal and professional way of displaying your products and services.Update your business brochure with Omniprint

Here are Omniprint’s tips for updating your business brochure in January…

Write your brochure for the reader – imagine what questions they need answering, and in what order they need information.

Use the front cover to motivate your client to get reading. Try combining an eye-catching image with some simple benefits to engage your client from the moment they receive their brochure.

Include a contents page if your brochure is over 6-8 pages. Use this page to highlight the most important sales point on each page, rather than using obscure titles such as product number.

Highlight the benefits and features of your products when describing them, as the person purchasing may not be the person who will end up using them.

To make sure your brochure is kept, rather than flicked through once and then recycled, put information that is helpful to your client base in it.

Try changing the shape from the usual A4 style. Use your imagination and the shape of your brochure can both reflect your business and produce significant results.

Always include a call to action. Remember to act your client to act, and then give them the means to do so – whether this be through including a telephone number, email address or form.

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Get your big idea noticed with a brochure

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The right company brochure can get your start-up noticed by potential customers, whilst informing your existing customers of your services. A great brochure will work to both outline what your company does, and what it has to offer.

Here are Market Harborough based Omniprint, we’ve put together some top tips for getting your big business idea noticed with a brochure…

Start with a strong promise – Outline the problems your customers may have, and what you can do to solve them. Do not begin with an outline of when your business was established etc., as this does not help the customer with a solution.

Go back to basics – Don’t get too carried away with impressing your customers and forget to include the basic information. Always include company name, several forms of contact information, a logo and a tagline.

Aim to inform not to confuse – Text works best when formatted in easy to read blocks, with accompanying images to illustrate key points. Include only your key points, which should be in line with what interests the reader most.

Remember your call to action – A brochure is no use without a call to action. Include an offer for a free quote or product sample to get your customer to act.

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E-commerce sites turn to print

Brochure Printing Leicestershire

With print often being talked about in terms of decline in the face of the digital age, we were pleased to read that a growing number of e-commerce sites have turned to print in order to create a luxury edge to their brand.

Online-only retailers such as Birchbox and One Kings Lane have begun to send out catalogues and ‘magalogues’ – giving their customers information whilst also bringing the brand into a more physical space and allowing customers to interact with it in a different manner.Luxury magazine

Luxury e-commerce brand Net-a-Porter has gone one step further and released a paid-for fashion magazine, enabling the brand to be accessible and visible throughout the day. The magazine also allows the brand to connect with those customers who are less likely to shop online, for example an older generation who are in the market for luxury goods, but are unlikely to search for those goods online.

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Why direct mail will work for you

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Direct mail is one of the more traditional forms of print marketing, and is still used for good reason: it works. Here are the key features of direct mail that should make you wonder why your company hasn’t tried it before…posting a letter to red british postbox on street

  • Direct mail is sent with one person in mind, and is consumed on a one-to-one basis, giving you time to engage directly with your customer. This time can be used to raise awareness, to persuade, and to convince.
  • Targeting the individual within their home means you’re more likely to reach out to them at a time when they are relaxed and more likely to give your company their full attention. Tailor made content will appeal more to the customer than something which has clearly been sent in bulk, and luckily for you, technology can make it very easy to add a personal touch with little effort.
  • As direct mail is a physical object, it is much more likely to be kept, providing a constant reminder of your brand and products. Adding a voucher or an offer to the mail will ensure that it is kept for even longer, and is more likely to make the customer act.
  • According to the Royal Mail Consumer Panel, 48% of UK adults have acted on something in the past 12 months as a direct result of mailing, with 30% having purchased something after receiving direct mail.
  • On average, for every £1 spent on direct mail, £13 profit is generated, making it the most cost-effective option out there. Integrating it into a media campaign can really boost the campaign’s potential. TV campaigns are 37% more effective and online campaigns 62% more effective when direct mail is used alongside them.

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Creating the right blend of media for you

Brochure Printing Leicestershire, Printers Market Harborough

It’s undeniable that social media and the internet have created new channels for advertising and marketing, and have become vital tools in any media campaign, alongside more traditional print methods.

Brochure 2As these new technologies are readily available and easy to use, it is important that you think about how best to use a mixture of technology and print to get the maximum reach out of your advertising, and whether digital media is the most appropriate method of doing this.

Here are some reasons why keeping print in the mix will help to create the exposure you want…

Tangibility – Actually having a tangible object is much more likely to stimulate the senses and engage customers. Portability is an advantage in print media, as a brochure or leaflet can be picked up at any time, or taken to look at later. Print also allows the reader to switch off from their computer or phone screen, and permits the reader a period of relaxation.

Versatility – Print marketing is extremely versatile; large or small amounts can be ordered, whilst allowing you to be really creative in your approach. Print can be used to educate, target specific people or just inspire them, so think outside the box when creating your media and you might be surprised at the reaction you get.

Concentration – Research has shown that people process printed information in a different way to that which they see on a screen, with print making it easier for readers to concentrate on longer articles and understand them. In contrast, people get used to online information being presented in short chunks, and are thus unused to focussing on a single subject for a long period.

Relationships – Print media allows the building of a relationship with the consumer, and can be easily personalised, cementing this connection. You can really design your material with specific groups of people in mind, considering their specific needs and wants, effectively creating literature that is tailor made.

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Can catalogues compete with online marketing?

Brochure Printing Leicestershire, Printers Market Harborough

In short, the answer is a resounding yes.brochure

Catalogues have always been popular, but whilst they were once used for direct responses, they can now encourage consumers to make online orders, simplifying an otherwise time consuming process. A catalogue allows the consumer to take time out of their day from looking at a screen, and allows them to be inspired by the products and ideas included.

Here are some good reasons why catalogues are still relevant and necessary in today’s digital market…

Information – Most questions are answered within the pages of a catalogue; they are the go to source for price, visuals, colour, size, quality and performance, all of which can be discussed in detail. Catalogues allow you to easily compare products without having to flick through endless website pages.

Ease of access – Catalogues are portable, and are designed to be picked up often, grabbing the consumer’s attention whenever they have a spare moment.

Ability to help build a brand – A catalogue gives you free rein to demonstrate to your customer what your company values. You’re able to include information on your products and services, alongside editorial content, in order to build up your brand as someone to be relied on.

High rates of return – Many large brands still use the catalogue as their key marketing tool, due to its direct and immediate nature. It is really easy to measure how successful a catalogue is, through personalised tracking numbers allowing you to identify the most effective pages.

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The environmental impact of print

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Digital media is often sold as an environmentally sustainable alternative to print marketing, however the print industry has worked long and hard to keep their environmental credentials whilst producing the best quality materials.Forest

There are three key stages to creating print media: production, printing and consumption, each of which are subject to industry processes, assessments and safeguards designed to reduce the environmental impact of the print industry.

Production – A key area which people have strong views about is the destruction of forests, when in fact European forests have grown by over 30% since 1950! All forests used by the paper-making industry are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Programmed for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, both of which ensure the sustainability of the source.

The process of actually creating the paper is also efficient – the amount of energy it takes to create 200kg of paper (the average amount each person uses a year) is equal to that of powering a computer for only five months of that year.

Printing – Many print companies are committed to environmental printing, through the use of vegetable based inks, the recycling of cleaning solvents and waste, and the sourcing of paper from sustainable forests.

Consumption – The most effective way that the print industry reduces its environmental footprint is through the use of recycled paper, with the European recycling rates for paper reaching 72.2% in 2010.

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Grab attention with a business brochure

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BrochureUsing a brochure can be a really valuable way of marketing your company; customers are often very wary of ordering expensive items online, or conducting business without any tangible outcomes, and this is where brochures come in handy. People have come to associate real, trustworthy companies with strong printed sales literature, and brochures can be time saving, in that they can be taken home and read in their own time.

Here are Omniprint’s tips on how to write a strong brochure that produces the results you want…

Grab attention with your front page – Choose an image that really represents your company, as first impressions really do count. Any text should be succinct; try to focus on the benefits that your product or service provides, or add in the promise of a special offer later in the brochure.

See things from the customer’s perspective – Remember that your potential client may know absolutely nothing about you yet. Try to make the information flow, leading the reader from finding out what the product does, to how it can benefit them, onto how they can purchase it, and then onto a special offer. Think about any questions your customer might have, and address them all directly so the customer does not have to work to find the answers.

Let people know what’s in the brochure – There is nothing worse than looking for one piece of information and being faced with 20 pages of text, with no way of knowing where that information may be. If your brochure is eight pages or longer, it would be a good idea to include a contents page, using this opportunity to encourage people to read more, whilst making the brochure easy to navigate.

Make it something people want to keep hold of – Making sure your brochure is something of worth and is kept instead of binned can really help you, as even if a potential client does not need your services at the time of receipt, this can quickly change.

Get creative – Think about what will make the most visual impact on your potential clients, and try to incorporate this into your brochures design. If your company is happy to think a bit outside of the box, why not alter the shape of your brochure, stepping away from the traditional A4 approach?
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