Spring clean your business cards

Business Cards

January is the perfect time to spring clean your marketing materials, and where better to start than your business cards?Spring clean your business cards

Think about what information your clients will expect to be readily available. Most will want to visit a website and check out your businesses social media pages or your personal LinkedIn profile, so ensure that these are prominent.

Update any out of date information – have you moved offices since getting your last batch of cards printed? Has your job title changed? It’s key to update these, as clients will turn to your business card time and time again if they want to contact you.

Remove irrelevant information. If you haven’t received a fax within the last two years, remove your fax number as it’s taking up valuable space.

People will expect to be able to contact you when you’re out of the office, so include your email address and work mobile number, as well as your office number.

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The case for business cards

Business Cards

We all know that business cards have long been important in business, but have you ever thought of these reasons why?business cards

They create a strong first impression – Business cards contain all your important contact information, and can help you to stick into a contact’s mind after your initial meeting. They can help to give an impression of professionalism and credibility.

They can be the strongest form of direct marketing – The most effective way to market your business is through face-to-face communication. Business cards are a great way of introducing your business, so keep them on hand 24/7.

They can build your brand – A good business card should contain a logo, slogan or strapline, phone number, web address, and email. Remember that although print is still effective, many people conduct business online, so why not include a QR code so your client can easily find you.

They won’t leave you out of pocket – Business cards are one of the most affordable marketing materials, and can also be one of the most effective. To find out more about getting your business cards printed with Omniprint contact 01858 462152 today.

Get your business started with the perfect business card

Business Cards

Omniprint have helped countless businesses to get off the ground, and we’ve found that one of the best ways to get your name out there and recognised is through a business card.Omniprint business card images 006

A business card often provides potential clients with their first impression of your company, and as such it is important to get the design spot on. Here are Omniprint’s top tips for designing the perfect business card for your start-up business.

  • Include only the essential information, as the business card should provide only a starting introduction. Things like name, job title, contact information, website, company logo, and company slogan are key.
  • Make sure that your logo translates well onto the smaller medium of a business card – if your logo contains lots of words that aren’t easily read when shrunk to fit on your business card, consider creating a logo especially for your paper based marketing materials.
  • Pick a simple font that represents your business. Ensure that the font is large enough to read, rather than going mad on overly creative fonts that don’t get your message across.
  • Think about using white space on your card. This will draw attention to the key design elements of your business card, and will mean that no information is missed by the reader.
  • Choose your colours wisely. Using your company colours is a great idea, but ensure that bright and loud colours are kept to a minimum, as they can distract from the information and make a card look cheap.

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Are appointment cards still necessary?

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businesscardWhilst text or email reminders for appointments are increasingly popular, there are still benefits to the old fashioned appointment card.

Firstly, appointment cards offer a physical reminder of an appointment – whether it be for a hair appointment or a business meeting, people tend to put the card somewhere they will see it and remember it. This means your card is probably seen by other people, so it offers some free advertising for you! Try to put all the basic information you would put on a business card onto your appointment card so that these potential new clients can get hold of you.

Try designing your cards to include special offers or vouchers, a QR code to link back to your website, or just some interesting facts about your business. By designing them with the customer in mind, you will have created something that they want to keep hold of and pay attention to.

Keep the design in line with that of your business’s promotional material, so that any potential clients know who you are, but feel free to think outside of the box with the rest of the design. Any interesting features will draw the client’s eye and help them to remember you.

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Seven reasons you should still use business cards

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Omniprint business card images 001In an age when it is uncommon to walk into a meeting without your smartphone in hand, are business cards really necessary or just plain old fashioned? Here are seven reasons why Omniprint think that you should still make the effort to get printing business cards for 2014…

It’s easier and quicker to give someone your information on a business card. Agreeing to email someone your information means that you have to gain their email address and input that information, so why not just have all of your details written down already?

Business cards are never inaccessible because you’ve forgotten to charge them, there’s a power cut, or you have no signal. You can use them in any location – even on planes or in hospitals, where you can’t have your device switched on.

You can use your business card as promotional material. Who says that your card should just have your name and contact details on it? Provide your potential client with some information about what you do and how you differ from other businesses and you could be on to a winner.

Business cards make your business seem trustworthy. If you’re a new or small business that people are unlikely to have heard of, your business will be judged on its appearance.

There are still plenty of people that do not own a digital device – they will value the fact that you’ve thought of this and have not forgotten about them.

Even if business cards are no longer absolutely essential in British culture, in countries such as Japan and Hong Kong you are still judged by your card, which is perceived as a way of showing how you do business.

To start the New Year with new business cards, contact Omniprint on 01858 462152 or email us at info@omniprint.org.uk. With business cards priced from 3p and appointment cards from 4p, we pride ourselves on printing cards with a professional finish, guaranteed to give your business the edge on your competition. 


How will print marketing fare in 2014?

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qr code businessWith the rapid development of technology over the past twenty years, it wouldn’t be foolish to consider the print medium to be dead. However, the print industry is continuing to grow, and has evolved to offer many things that online marketing cannot. 76% of small businesses state that their marketing would ideally involve both print and digital communication, in order to gain blanket coverage.

So how can print help your marketing campaign in the digital world?

Personalised printing – Variable printing allows your business to create bespoke media, changing parts from item to item, such as names, addresses and message sent. People will recognise the effort it has taken to create something personalised, and will feel special. This personal style is often neglected in digital marketing

Use print to back your digital campaign – QR codes are ideal for putting on flyers or brochures to direct your potential customer to more information, whether it be a website or social media page. These codes can be easily customised in order to fit with your campaign’s style.

Print marketing grabs attention – It makes sense that as more businesses compete for attention online, it can be beneficial to switch your focus to print marketing. People really value postal mail, and are far more likely to give this their attention than the thousands of email newsletters received in one day.

To get the best results, combine your print and digital marketing efficiently so that each plays off the other. Try to get creative with your materials in order to really create a good impression on your target audience. Contact Omniprint today on 01858 462152 to find out about our printing services. 

Get creative with your business cards

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Omniprint - Business & Appointment cardsThe aim of a business card is to get your name and what you do out there for the public to see. Here are some interesting ways to use your business card to get noticed…

Give your card to anyone who asks for your number – whether it be a potential client, date or even just someone wanting to share lifts with you, by giving out a card you know that they have your correct details. Physically having passed them on makes them much more likely to be used, and also to be left around where someone else could read them!

Swap cards with someone – By giving a set of your cards to someone and taking some of theirs, you can draw a lot more attention to your business; your cards will reach a whole new group of people. Try to pick someone whose business you would use yourself, and who your clients are likely to benefit from knowing about.

Leave your cards in unusual places – Try hiding your cards in random settings, for example in a coffee shop or library. You never know, the people who come across them may need what you are selling, or may be prompted to pass them on.

Give out extra cards – If you are sending out products, why not add a few extra business cards with the delivery notice? The best case scenario is that they’ll be passed on to a few friends, along with a good review of the product you’ve provided.

Try adding a QR code onto your card – As most people use digital media, QR codes will make sure people know how to access your website directly. You can make these codes for free online.

Use the space on the back of your card – Add some form of discount voucher onto the back of your card, whether it be for a free consultation or money off, it will draw more attention than simply listing your name and what you do.

Speak to Omniprint today to find out more about printing your business cards professionally. Call us on 01858 462152 or email info@omniprint.org.uk.

Print or email?

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Envelope with email sign dropping into mailbox

Although email campaigns have the ability to reach a larger pool of customers for less money, printed campaigns are known to have better conversion rates. Email newsletters or offers can be easily deleted without ever being opened, or sent straight to spam folders. Direct mail, flyers and brochures are certain to reach their target audience, and can generate interest through high quality visuals.

Print campaigns can be especially relevant for smaller businesses, with printed promotional materials helping to keep your business fresh in the mind of your potential client. These materials are also beneficial for networking with other businesses.

Print can also be used to direct traffic to your website for continuous interaction. By adding QR codes to your print marketing, customers can be quickly linked to your website, or to a specific promotion, so you are able to provide them with unique discounts, encouraging repeat custom.

To get your print marketing campaign started, contact Omniprint today to discuss how we can help you. Call us on 01858 562152.