Print or email?

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Envelope with email sign dropping into mailbox

Although email campaigns have the ability to reach a larger pool of customers for less money, printed campaigns are known to have better conversion rates. Email newsletters or offers can be easily deleted without ever being opened, or sent straight to spam folders. Direct mail, flyers and brochures are certain to reach their target audience, and can generate interest through high quality visuals.

Print campaigns can be especially relevant for smaller businesses, with printed promotional materials helping to keep your business fresh in the mind of your potential client. These materials are also beneficial for networking with other businesses.

Print can also be used to direct traffic to your website for continuous interaction. By adding QR codes to your print marketing, customers can be quickly linked to your website, or to a specific promotion, so you are able to provide them with unique discounts, encouraging repeat custom.

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Young readers prefer print

Brochure Printing Leicestershire, Charity Printing, Digital print Market Harborough, Market Harborough Printers, Printers Market Harborough, Printing flyers Leicestershire

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A new survey has found that 62% of 16 to 24 years olds prefer traditional printed books to e-books on Kindle or e-reader devices. When asked about their preferences for physical products against digital, printed books were those which were most wanted in material form.

The survey noted two major reasons for this preference, notably value for money, and an emotional connection to physically owning a book. 28% of respondents suggested that e-books should be approximately half of their current price, with just 8% stating that the pricing is correct as it stands. Other reasons suggested were that readers ‘liked to hold the product’, ‘are not restricted to a particular device’, ‘can easily share it’, ‘like the packaging’ and ‘can sell it when finished with’.

Sixteen to 24 years olds are renowned for their IT skills, and therefore this preference was not expected. “It is surprising because we think of 16-24s as being attached to their smartphones and digital devices, so it does shout out,” says Luke Mitchell of agency Voxburner, which researched questions about buying and using content with 1,420 young adults.

It is clear that marketing your business through physical print can reach this demographic, and printed brochures and flyers are seen as unique and special, in contrast to digital marketing, which prevents an emotional connection. To speak to Omniprint about our printing services, contact 01858 562152 today.