How will print marketing fare in 2014?

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qr code businessWith the rapid development of technology over the past twenty years, it wouldn’t be foolish to consider the print medium to be dead. However, the print industry is continuing to grow, and has evolved to offer many things that online marketing cannot. 76% of small businesses state that their marketing would ideally involve both print and digital communication, in order to gain blanket coverage.

So how can print help your marketing campaign in the digital world?

Personalised printing – Variable printing allows your business to create bespoke media, changing parts from item to item, such as names, addresses and message sent. People will recognise the effort it has taken to create something personalised, and will feel special. This personal style is often neglected in digital marketing

Use print to back your digital campaign – QR codes are ideal for putting on flyers or brochures to direct your potential customer to more information, whether it be a website or social media page. These codes can be easily customised in order to fit with your campaign’s style.

Print marketing grabs attention – It makes sense that as more businesses compete for attention online, it can be beneficial to switch your focus to print marketing. People really value postal mail, and are far more likely to give this their attention than the thousands of email newsletters received in one day.

To get the best results, combine your print and digital marketing efficiently so that each plays off the other. Try to get creative with your materials in order to really create a good impression on your target audience. Contact Omniprint today on 01858 462152 to find out about our printing services.