Three tips to maximise the ROI of your print

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Having an integrated, multichannel approach to marketing your company has never been easier. Even with the ever increasing reach of social media, print still has a powerful role to play in the marketing mix. A leaflet or catalogue legitimises the sales proposal as well as creating a physical, memorable asset that can be stored and referred to numerous times.

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In order to get the significant boosts in sales that print should bring, expenses will be incurred. This makes it critical to maximise your Return on Investment. Below is our top tips to help you get good value out of print.

Motivate the reader to engage

Making your cover stand out to draw the reader in is common knowledge. Businesses spend a lot of time crafting their designs. However, a key point that many miss is to create a design for people from the outside of the company looking in. In other words, designing a leaflet should take major account of the recipient’s point-of-view. Who is your target audience and will the design appeal to them?

Focused messaging

In addition to creating a connection with the consumer, your prints messaging should carry some key elements to inspire action.

Firstly, it should hold a compelling offer that makes your product more valuable than a competitor’s, this can be done with a discount, free gift or any other possibility that fits your target market. The said offer should include an expiration date to create a sense of urgency. Finally, you need to close with a call to action, this should be a single statement with information of where, when and how to receive the offer.

Paper choice

The choice of paper can affect the colour, weight, texture and overall finish for the print. Depending on your print specifications, recommended paper choices will vary. For example, for a high in bulk catalogue, lower weight paper would be ideal to take advantage of mailing savings.

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The importance of brand consistency

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Arguably the most important part of any business is the brand- the portrayal of how customers view you. Every company needs to set up branding guidelines and rules to develop and maintain their identity.

Blank Stationery Set On Wooden Background

In print marketing, it is easy for a brand to become weakened with inconsistencies. We’ve listed a few things to consider when creating your branding plans for print.


The logo is the centrepiece of your company’s identity. Because of this, it pays in the long run to have a professional created logo which is simple, eye catching and unique.

Your logo’s positioning in marketing materials is also important. Most brands decide to put it in the top right, but it can go anywhere, so long as it is consistent.

Colour scheme

Branding colours are essential, they help to define a brand. To prevent inconsistencies of the colour, get the Pantone code value and the CMYK equivalents. Using the same printer will also combat inconsistencies as they will understand your needs.

Style set

Your materials should originate from a custom style set including fonts, heading styles, margins and spacing defaults so that your documents look and feel consistent. As well as being consistent, this is also a time saver, meaning you do not have to reformat documents before publishing.

Paper Quality

Fragile paper does not give the impression of a luxury brand, regardless of other aspects. Receivers of letters/flyers will realise if lower quality paper has been used simply by comparing it to other marketing materials received- sending a distinct message about your brand.

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The unlimited power of leaflets

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tunnel_run_leafletIt is well known amongst businesses that sending leaflets to homes produces a strong return on investment, mainly due to the fact that once a leaflet lands on a doorstep, it is likely to stay in that household or office for several weeks.

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of leaflets are not immediately banished to the recycling bin, and for the time that it is kept, it will continue delivering your product or service’s message!

So what are the facts about leaflet longevity?

  1. Leaflets are kept in the home for an average of 38 days, leaving plenty of time to get your message across – perhaps even several times!
  2. Leaflets containing relevant and time sensitive information are kept for the longest and are referred to over and over again.
  3. Leaflets are often left on display, covering fridges and noticeboards across the UK, with 1% displaying them in their bathroom! This gives you plenty of opportunity to grab attention with some savvy sales copy and engaging offers.

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Get your company calendar printed with Omniprint

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2016 company calendarWith Christmas and New Year just around the corner, there is still plenty of time to get your company year calendars printed with Omniprint.

Company year calendars provide you with the perfect opportunity to get in front of your customers 365 days a year. The calendar will serve as a reminder of your business throughout the seasons – you never know when someone will be ready to buy from you.

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Benefits of direct mail marketing over email marketing

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MailboxIt’s an undeniable fact that the rise of digital technology has changed marketing and advertising, but it’s important to note that this is not to the detriment of traditional marketing efforts such as direct mail, posters, and brochures.

In fact, direct mail has been enhanced by and enhances digital marketing, driving leads to websites, encouraging customers to use online shops, and collecting important data from potential customers.

Here are just a few ways that direct mail marketing can boost your business…

Avoiding the inbox

With many of us keeping our email inbox open for the entirety of the working day, marketing emails can easily pass us by – it’s so easy to click the delete button whilst frantically trying to get to the bottom of your inbox.

In contrast, physical mail attracts attention, with one study showing that 77% of consumers sort through their post as soon as they receive it. This means that, unlike email, your direct mail will be immediately received and read.

Offering a personal aspect

Whilst email offers limited options for personalisation, direct mail allows you to make a real connection and engage your customer. Grab attention by handwriting addresses on envelopes, including first names, using coloured envelopes and sending offers that you know will be especially pertinent to them.

Send a package

Even letters can sometimes slip past your consumer, but ‘lumpy mail’ sticks out and is guaranteed to catch your customer’s eye. Three-dimensional mail packages, containing small gifts that promote your business, will always stand out and more often than not be the first item of post that is opened!

Try adding pens, stickers and coasters to your direct mail, along with strong sales copy, and see your response rate soar.

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Omniprint supply Market Harborough Chamber of Trade & Commerce

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Chamber of Trade and Commerce sticker

Omniprint are proud to have supplied the Market Harborough Chamber of Trade & Commerce with their 2015 membership stickers. The stickers will be displayed by all members of the Chamber, and will alert customers and clients to their membership and commitment to business in the Market Harborough area.

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Drive online sales with print marketing

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Online marketingWith the supposed death of print being ‘just around the corner’, online businesses may be surprised to hear that ecommerce sales can be effectively boosted by print marketing – perhaps even more so than simply using the tried and tested digital channels of social media.

In the same way that social media and websites have driven sales for bricks and mortar companies, print marketing can target a whole host of target audiences, many of whom would perhaps never have come across, let alone engaged with your company over the internet.

So how can it do this?

  1. Printed marketing materials, such as postcards, banners and catalogues, engage more of the senses than online materials, forcing the reader to pay more attention, and creating tactile memories of your company.
  2. Print can add personality to a brand which is very much based on a web presence. Sending out a handwritten note with an order adds a more personalised touch, which many would associate with well-loved local or family owned businesses.
  3. Print offers a convenient browsing experience, which complements your online ecommerce platform. Sending out catalogues will encourage shoppers to sit down, note down the items they want, and go online as and when they please. By using QR codes, users can simply scan in the items they want, making the entire experience quick, efficient, and simple.
  4. Create links to social media. It’s rare that shoppers go out of their way to find a brand on social media – they are instead more likely to come across it due to a combination of their friends’ connections and online advertising. By including hashtags and special promotions in your print marketing, your social media following will be significantly boosted.

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Banner advertising gives business a boost

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Despite the dominance of digital marketing, traditional banner advertising remains a popular choice. One reason for its continued success is its comparative affordability with other marketing methods. With digital technology widespread, banner advertising has grown more advanced than ever, with competitive, professional printing more accessible than ever.Omniprint banner printing

Here are 3 fundamental benefits of banner marketing:

Customers Opt-In

Banner advertising attracts your target audience without disturbing those uninterested in your services, yet whenever your banner seen, there are potential for new customers. An unobtrusive approach, consumers that pursue their initial interest further have elected to do so themselves, and are therefore more likely to become new customers.

Banner Adverting Is Easily Remembered

Banner advertising can be used anywhere, from outside shops or over market stalls to exhibition centres and trade shows. The more distinctive the banner, the better – even consumers who do not purchase your products or services will be reminded of your banner, and therefore, your business, the next time that particular service is required. A simple brand name, website address or telephone number makes it simpler and more likely that customers will contact your business.

Banners Can Target

Banner printing is hugely customisable, the style and layout can all be adjusted to match the profile of your target customers and attract a greater amount of them. Colours, patterns, images and font can be adapted to evoke any number of moods and manners, whether you are promoting a silent disco at a fresher’s’ fair or bespoke tweed suits. Knowledge of both the mentality of your target customers and the unique selling points of your product or services are crucial. Once identified, however, banner advertising conveys this information effectively to the people you want to reach, providing a mental bookmark for your business in the mind of the consumer.

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Top Tips for Succesful Leaflet Advertising

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1.  Begin with a striking headline to get your leaflet readFlyers

These are the most important words you will use on your leaflet. Around 8 of 10 people will read a headline – but only 2 out of 10 tend to read on. If your headline doesn’t pack a punch you will lose customer interest quickly without your message reaching them. Aim to:

  • Focus on your main benefit
  • Hone in on what matters to your target customers
  • Develop an urge to know more

2.  Capitalise on topical or seasonal events

Positive association with select events can prove a great boon to your business. Make sure:

  • These links bolster, not bury your message
  • The connection is clear enough that customer awareness is improved upon, not thwarted by the link
  • The information contained in the leaflet is readily understood; the offerings of your business are not confused with the event, for instance

3.  Ask your audience to do something 

Ultimately, what do you want your audience to do? A call to action is essential for all compelling advertising. Consumers may skim the leaflet, missing any information not clearly set out. Tell the consumer what they need to do to obtain the benefits above, and use the imperative: ‘CALL’, ‘EMAIL’, ‘VISIT’, ‘DOWNLOAD’, etc, are all examples of how to begin a clear call to action. As a rule, there should generally only be one such action call; bombarding the consumer with too many instructions makes the process feel like hard work, and can result in them not following any!

 4.  Display your integrity

Clearly showcase any qualifications, accreditations or awards pertaining to your business. These third party attributes, as well as customer testimonials, give your business the authenticity to establish consumer trust.

5.  Answer the following-

a) What’s In It For Me (WIIFM?)

b) Why should I pick you over everyone else?

Customers today are overwhelmed with advertising and can afford to be demanding. Resolving these issues draws the consumer one step closer. As prices can always be undercut, aim to prioritise your Unique Selling Point in answering the above questions.


6 Super Tips for Spectacular Summer Sales

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Pass the lemonade, it’s British Summer Time! This means one thing for savvy-minded folk – it’s time to hit the sales. Make the season work for your company with summer-themed sales and offers – both online and in print. summer sale printing

With children home from school and people leaving for holidays, the commerce arena can seem random and unforeseeable. We have seven smart selling tips to avoid a slump this summer. Some will give your bottom line an immediate boost; others will help improve your brand recognition and loyalty.

1. Summer on social media

Look to establish a link that can be used throughout the social media platforms you connect with. Highlight the specific factors about the time of year, your location or target audience that relate to your product. People define themselves on social media by linking themselves with the brands, ideas and images that speak to them. If you have a retail business, create striking, edgy or humorous visual displays that people want on their Pinterest and Instagram accounts. You could also add a hashtag to this part of your campaign. For an optimum response, provide examples of the hashtag played both straight and humorously to spark interest. Merge positive summer themes and visuals into your sales strategy.

2. Step back in time 

Nostalgia creates warm feelings in most of us; shared memories connect and define us. It’s also big business; consider the recent popularity surge for retro trainers, polaroid cameras and vintage-style homeware brands such as Cath Kidston. Recall holiday memories in your marketing, roll back prices to those of a particular era, at least on Thursdays to capitalise the ‘Throwback Thursday’ internet craze. Ultimately, invoke fond memories of summers gone by with prices, visuals and humour that people will relate to.

3. Vacation and recreation-themed promotions, incentives and giveaways

People certainly spend in the summertime, so long as you can attract them. Try having a summer-style sweepstake, giveaway or offer to get your audience’s notice. Printed postcards, posters and leaflets can draw your customers in to participate.

4. Let your customers lead

Summer is the time for fairs, festivals, sports matches and days at the beach. Establish a connection with your customer by including any of the above themes in your advertising; hang up a banner, sponsor or hand out relevant information. Even if your business is not directly connected to the event in question, your will narrow the gap between your business and your target audience by using these techniques.

5. As the temperatures soar, drop the prices down

It’s hard to find energy in the sultry summer heat, try motivating customers with weather-themed discounts – for example, 20% reductions when the temperature hits 20 degrees! Large banners (like those seen in Joules) will really grab the attention of your audience.

6. Let’s go outside

Build relationships with your customers by holding a seasonal event. From barbeques to ball games, show your sociable side with a fun-filled event so people identify your business with happy recreation and community spirit. Use branded posters and boards around the event, and hand out branded flyers to promote it beforehand.

7. Single out special days

Check the calendar to identify celebratory days: the more obscure, the better! A quick online search reveals that there is indeed a day to mark just about everything. Whether directly related to your business or not, find a novel or amusingly dedicated day that hooks to your business. A sibling eats or enters free on Siblings’ Day, for instance.

Ultimately, you want to positively associate your business with the summer season in consumer consciousness. By keeping your business in mind, people are more likely to purchase from you; you’ll need a summer holiday if you’ve followed these points!