Great Christmas cards at trade prices

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Ordering Christmas cards for your company couldn’t be easier this year thanks to Omniprint. All you have to do is follow these simple steps in order to achieve your perfect company Christmas cards.

  1. 1.       Choose a card image from the ones below or you can supply an image of your own.
  2. Omniprint xmas cards infographic2.       Select a greeting message and font.
  3. 3.       Let us know how many Christmas cards you’ll need and we’ll do the rest.



48 Christmas cards – £29

96 Christmas cards – £41

192 Christmas cards – £66

500 Christmas cards – £145


To order your 2015 company Christmas cards now, give us a call on 01858 462152.


*A4 folded to A5, full colour to front, black inside. Prices include white C5 self-seal envelopes, exclusive of VAT and are based on payment with order.

Three tips to maximise the ROI of your print

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Having an integrated, multichannel approach to marketing your company has never been easier. Even with the ever increasing reach of social media, print still has a powerful role to play in the marketing mix. A leaflet or catalogue legitimises the sales proposal as well as creating a physical, memorable asset that can be stored and referred to numerous times.

Roi  Abbreviation

In order to get the significant boosts in sales that print should bring, expenses will be incurred. This makes it critical to maximise your Return on Investment. Below is our top tips to help you get good value out of print.

Motivate the reader to engage

Making your cover stand out to draw the reader in is common knowledge. Businesses spend a lot of time crafting their designs. However, a key point that many miss is to create a design for people from the outside of the company looking in. In other words, designing a leaflet should take major account of the recipient’s point-of-view. Who is your target audience and will the design appeal to them?

Focused messaging

In addition to creating a connection with the consumer, your prints messaging should carry some key elements to inspire action.

Firstly, it should hold a compelling offer that makes your product more valuable than a competitor’s, this can be done with a discount, free gift or any other possibility that fits your target market. The said offer should include an expiration date to create a sense of urgency. Finally, you need to close with a call to action, this should be a single statement with information of where, when and how to receive the offer.

Paper choice

The choice of paper can affect the colour, weight, texture and overall finish for the print. Depending on your print specifications, recommended paper choices will vary. For example, for a high in bulk catalogue, lower weight paper would be ideal to take advantage of mailing savings.

To find out how we can help your business generate a Return on Investment brand call Omniprint today on 01848 462152.

The importance of brand consistency

Printers Market Harborough

Arguably the most important part of any business is the brand- the portrayal of how customers view you. Every company needs to set up branding guidelines and rules to develop and maintain their identity.

Blank Stationery Set On Wooden Background

In print marketing, it is easy for a brand to become weakened with inconsistencies. We’ve listed a few things to consider when creating your branding plans for print.


The logo is the centrepiece of your company’s identity. Because of this, it pays in the long run to have a professional created logo which is simple, eye catching and unique.

Your logo’s positioning in marketing materials is also important. Most brands decide to put it in the top right, but it can go anywhere, so long as it is consistent.

Colour scheme

Branding colours are essential, they help to define a brand. To prevent inconsistencies of the colour, get the Pantone code value and the CMYK equivalents. Using the same printer will also combat inconsistencies as they will understand your needs.

Style set

Your materials should originate from a custom style set including fonts, heading styles, margins and spacing defaults so that your documents look and feel consistent. As well as being consistent, this is also a time saver, meaning you do not have to reformat documents before publishing.

Paper Quality

Fragile paper does not give the impression of a luxury brand, regardless of other aspects. Receivers of letters/flyers will realise if lower quality paper has been used simply by comparing it to other marketing materials received- sending a distinct message about your brand.

To find out how we can help your business to create a consistent brand call Omniprint today on 01848 462152.

The unlimited power of leaflets

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tunnel_run_leafletIt is well known amongst businesses that sending leaflets to homes produces a strong return on investment, mainly due to the fact that once a leaflet lands on a doorstep, it is likely to stay in that household or office for several weeks.

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of leaflets are not immediately banished to the recycling bin, and for the time that it is kept, it will continue delivering your product or service’s message!

So what are the facts about leaflet longevity?

  1. Leaflets are kept in the home for an average of 38 days, leaving plenty of time to get your message across – perhaps even several times!
  2. Leaflets containing relevant and time sensitive information are kept for the longest and are referred to over and over again.
  3. Leaflets are often left on display, covering fridges and noticeboards across the UK, with 1% displaying them in their bathroom! This gives you plenty of opportunity to grab attention with some savvy sales copy and engaging offers.

To find out more about leaflet printing at Omniprint, call us today on 01858 462152.

Get your company calendar printed with Omniprint

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2016 company calendarWith Christmas and New Year just around the corner, there is still plenty of time to get your company year calendars printed with Omniprint.

Company year calendars provide you with the perfect opportunity to get in front of your customers 365 days a year. The calendar will serve as a reminder of your business throughout the seasons – you never know when someone will be ready to buy from you.

To find out more about printing your company calendars with Omniprint, contact us on 01858 462152 today.

Benefits of direct mail marketing over email marketing

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MailboxIt’s an undeniable fact that the rise of digital technology has changed marketing and advertising, but it’s important to note that this is not to the detriment of traditional marketing efforts such as direct mail, posters, and brochures.

In fact, direct mail has been enhanced by and enhances digital marketing, driving leads to websites, encouraging customers to use online shops, and collecting important data from potential customers.

Here are just a few ways that direct mail marketing can boost your business…

Avoiding the inbox

With many of us keeping our email inbox open for the entirety of the working day, marketing emails can easily pass us by – it’s so easy to click the delete button whilst frantically trying to get to the bottom of your inbox.

In contrast, physical mail attracts attention, with one study showing that 77% of consumers sort through their post as soon as they receive it. This means that, unlike email, your direct mail will be immediately received and read.

Offering a personal aspect

Whilst email offers limited options for personalisation, direct mail allows you to make a real connection and engage your customer. Grab attention by handwriting addresses on envelopes, including first names, using coloured envelopes and sending offers that you know will be especially pertinent to them.

Send a package

Even letters can sometimes slip past your consumer, but ‘lumpy mail’ sticks out and is guaranteed to catch your customer’s eye. Three-dimensional mail packages, containing small gifts that promote your business, will always stand out and more often than not be the first item of post that is opened!

Try adding pens, stickers and coasters to your direct mail, along with strong sales copy, and see your response rate soar.

To find out more about sending direct mail with Omniprint, call us today on 01858 462152.

Build loyalty with company Christmas cards

Christmas at Omniprint, Christmas Cards Market Harborough

Research has shown that sending out company Christmas cards still puts businesses ahead in the festive season.Christmas cards from Omniprint

The research shows that Christmas cards are the most popular form of communication between companies and their customers during the Christmas period. Over 50% of the 78% of survey respondents who stated that they received Christmas cards from businesses said that they would be more likely to buy from or do business with a company if they sent a Christmas card.

Sending a card shows your customers that your company cares, which boosts customer loyalty. However, it is important to make sure that your cards send the right message. Stick to something on brand and take the time to sign the card by hand and double check contact details, as getting any of these parts wrong could lose custom.

To get your personalised Christmas cards printed, send us your images to, tell us how many you would like, and we will send you a quote.

Omniprint supply Market Harborough Chamber of Trade & Commerce

Printers Market Harborough, Sticker printing

Chamber of Trade and Commerce sticker

Omniprint are proud to have supplied the Market Harborough Chamber of Trade & Commerce with their 2015 membership stickers. The stickers will be displayed by all members of the Chamber, and will alert customers and clients to their membership and commitment to business in the Market Harborough area.

To find out more about printing stickers with Omniprint, call us today on 01858 462152.

Christmas brochures and menus

Christmas at Omniprint

With summer a distant memory, now is the time to get your business ready for the festive season!Christmas brochure printing

We’ve already had orders for all sorts of Christmas and New Year related printing; from menus to brochures to programmes, we really can fulfil all of your festive printing needs.

To get your Christmas cards printed, simply send us the artwork, numbers required and completion date to and we’ll reply with a quote.

We can also print any business stationery, including calendars and New Year planners (for the super organised amongst us!).

Call us on 01858 462152 to place your Christmas printing order.

Back to school printing for businesses

Business stationery

Now the summer holidays are well and truly over, September is the time to get your business stationery updated and back in stationery printing

With that ‘back to school’ feeling of productivity in the air, take the opportunity to get organised and think about how your business stationery can work for your company.

Think about how your business stationery makes your business look to others. Remember to consider the following:

  1. Check that the branding on your printed materials is up to date and matches that of your online presence, remembering to look at colours, logo and design.
  2. Proof read the stationery before reprinting. Things like phone numbers, email addresses, and web addresses change regularly, so ensure that you’re handing out the right details to potential clients.
  3. Get rid of any material that is outdated, including leaflets, brochures, headed paper and business cards, as giving out information that is long out of date will not give the impression you want for your business.

To get your business stationery printed with Omniprint, call us today on 01858 462152.