The importance of brand consistency

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Arguably the most important part of any business is the brand- the portrayal of how customers view you. Every company needs to set up branding guidelines and rules to develop and maintain their identity.

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In print marketing, it is easy for a brand to become weakened with inconsistencies. We’ve listed a few things to consider when creating your branding plans for print.


The logo is the centrepiece of your company’s identity. Because of this, it pays in the long run to have a professional created logo which is simple, eye catching and unique.

Your logo’s positioning in marketing materials is also important. Most brands decide to put it in the top right, but it can go anywhere, so long as it is consistent.

Colour scheme

Branding colours are essential, they help to define a brand. To prevent inconsistencies of the colour, get the Pantone code value and the CMYK equivalents. Using the same printer will also combat inconsistencies as they will understand your needs.

Style set

Your materials should originate from a custom style set including fonts, heading styles, margins and spacing defaults so that your documents look and feel consistent. As well as being consistent, this is also a time saver, meaning you do not have to reformat documents before publishing.

Paper Quality

Fragile paper does not give the impression of a luxury brand, regardless of other aspects. Receivers of letters/flyers will realise if lower quality paper has been used simply by comparing it to other marketing materials received- sending a distinct message about your brand.

To find out how we can help your business to create a consistent brand call Omniprint today on 01848 462152.

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