Three tips to maximise the ROI of your print

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Having an integrated, multichannel approach to marketing your company has never been easier. Even with the ever increasing reach of social media, print still has a powerful role to play in the marketing mix. A leaflet or catalogue legitimises the sales proposal as well as creating a physical, memorable asset that can be stored and referred to numerous times.

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In order to get the significant boosts in sales that print should bring, expenses will be incurred. This makes it critical to maximise your Return on Investment. Below is our top tips to help you get good value out of print.

Motivate the reader to engage

Making your cover stand out to draw the reader in is common knowledge. Businesses spend a lot of time crafting their designs. However, a key point that many miss is to create a design for people from the outside of the company looking in. In other words, designing a leaflet should take major account of the recipient’s point-of-view. Who is your target audience and will the design appeal to them?

Focused messaging

In addition to creating a connection with the consumer, your prints messaging should carry some key elements to inspire action.

Firstly, it should hold a compelling offer that makes your product more valuable than a competitor’s, this can be done with a discount, free gift or any other possibility that fits your target market. The said offer should include an expiration date to create a sense of urgency. Finally, you need to close with a call to action, this should be a single statement with information of where, when and how to receive the offer.

Paper choice

The choice of paper can affect the colour, weight, texture and overall finish for the print. Depending on your print specifications, recommended paper choices will vary. For example, for a high in bulk catalogue, lower weight paper would be ideal to take advantage of mailing savings.

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