Update your business brochure for great results

Brochure Printing Leicestershire

A key weapon in your marketing arsenal is the humble printed brochure. Whilst potential clients can easily click onto a website, a brochure offers a more personal and professional way of displaying your products and services.Update your business brochure with Omniprint

Here are Omniprint’s tips for updating your business brochure in January…

Write your brochure for the reader – imagine what questions they need answering, and in what order they need information.

Use the front cover to motivate your client to get reading. Try combining an eye-catching image with some simple benefits to engage your client from the moment they receive their brochure.

Include a contents page if your brochure is over 6-8 pages. Use this page to highlight the most important sales point on each page, rather than using obscure titles such as product number.

Highlight the benefits and features of your products when describing them, as the person purchasing may not be the person who will end up using them.

To make sure your brochure is kept, rather than flicked through once and then recycled, put information that is helpful to your client base in it.

Try changing the shape from the usual A4 style. Use your imagination and the shape of your brochure can both reflect your business and produce significant results.

Always include a call to action. Remember to act your client to act, and then give them the means to do so – whether this be through including a telephone number, email address or form.

To find out more about getting your brochures printed with Omniprint, contact us on 01858 462152 today.

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