A guide to compliments slips

Business stationery

Following the rise of social media and online sales, it can seem that the only letters we receive are from our banks. Amongst the almost constant bombardment of emails, Facebook statuses, tweets and messages, a personalised letter can really stand out and make a customer take notice.Two business card designs, a compliment slip and letter head in

Compliments slips are often overlooked in today’s paperless world, but can make all the difference, so what are they and when should they be used?

A compliments slip is, quite simply, a piece of paper that contains your branding and your contact details, as well as a blank space for your personalised note.

The slip can be enclosed with documentation, products and brochures, allowing you to leave a more personalised explanation of why you’ve sent on this information. Traditionally, messages left on compliments slips are short and sweet, so the paper only has to be around 210mm x 99mm ( recommended because it will fit an envelope without being folded).

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