Could coupons bring you business?

customer loyalty

Coupons, vouchers and offers sent directly to customers and potential customers alike, can have a huge impact on bringing in business.Sale Coupon, voucher, tag. Vintage Style template Design vector

So what are the key benefits?

  1. Sending out coupons and vouchers can expand your market area, as consumers will travel further than they normally would to redeem them.
  2. Coupons encourage customers to break their normal shopping habits and try out your brand – at which point they may convert to regular customers.
  3. Old customers that may have been encouraged to shop with a competitor will shop with you again if you give them good reason to, with an offer that provides them with value.
  4. Encouraging a customer to visit your store with a coupon or offer means increased footfall in your store – rarely will someone only spend money on that item, so this is an opportunity to highlight your other quality products.
  5. Sending out coupons, vouchers and offers to be redeemed allows you to track their effectiveness. You can ask that customers fill in their details before redemption, or just include a code that indicates where the leaflet was delivered to, and thus where your new trade is coming from.


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Loyalty cards: what are the benefits?

customer loyalty

Did you know that a customer that has a loyalty card is 2x more likely to purchase something than one that doesn’t?Credit, discount cards isolated on white background.

If you own or run a small business that caters to the public, the chances are that you’ve noticed the rise of loyalty cards in the past ten to twenty years. Whilst all the technology that works for Tesco, Boots and Sainsbury’s may seem beyond you or unsuitable for a company of your size, the simple paper loyalty card should not be dismissed.

What are the benefits of a paper loyalty card?

Heightened customer retention

Incentivising purchase will work to bring back a selection of your customers. Something as simple as offering a free coffee after every 10 purchases stamped on a loyalty card will dramatically increase the chances of a customer returning to you instead of heading to a competitor. You could even go one step further, and offer a voucher for every 2 or 3 full cards shown.

Frequent business

By having a loyalty scheme on offer, the more often a customer shops, the more often they can be rewarded. Customers who may have previously only used your service on a monthly basis may start to show up weekly.

Promoting items

If you have a product or service that doesn’t sell so well, consider making this the incentive to ensure that your customers are aware of its existence. Or change your incentive on a monthly basis to show your customers the range of services or products you have on offer.

Only your customers gain

With plastic system based loyalty cards, your customer has to hand over a lot of information to register, and you are able to gain a lot of information about their shopping habits – information that they may not be happy sharing. With a paper loyalty card, you don’t gain the same marketing insights, but you do gain happy customers who are happy to shop but remain anonymous.

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