Is Skim print the way forward?

Digital print Market Harborough

The UK as a whole are increasingly becoming glued to our phones, whilst the number of smartphone users around the world is expected to smash past 1.75bn this year. We use our phones for everything – from tweeting our every move, to purchasing our groceries and ordering our latest batch of flyers from Omniprint.Set of Flat Design Icons. Mobile Phones, Tablet PC, Marketing Te

Currently 88% of smartphone users use their phones to research an online purchase, whilst mobile use now accounts for over 50% of time spent online – so advertisers have come up with a new way of using print to entice smartphone users in: clickable print.

According to print gurus, new ‘Skim’ technologies will allow users to interact with print on their smartphones, in a similar manner to QR codes. By Skimming a phone over a poster with pre-programmed print, digital content will automatically open on the user’s phone.

Commenting on the new technology, Timon Colegrove of Hunts Paper & Pixels said: “You skim and the video starts playing instantly…That’s key because people don’t want to wait for content to load.”

So will the increasing numbers of UK printers now getting involved experience the boom they’re anticipating? They argue that the climate is now exactly right, both in terms of smaller brands, publishers and marketers’ engagement with digital content, and consumers’ willingness to scan.