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There are myriad reasons to make flyers an integral part of marketing your event or business, today!Paper Planes Set

Flyers are highly cost-effective in comparison with advertising space in newspapers and magazines, making them a prudent choice even for smaller businesses.

They are quick and easy to produce. With flyers, you can keep potential customers up to date with your latest business news or offers, with quick and effective production rates.

Flyers can be distributed to anyone, at any time, and anywhere. Whether you decide on a door-to-door approach or to distribute your flyers at more specific locations and events, the possibilities for the dispersal and influence of your business message is versatile and unlimited.

Striking fonts and arresting designs capture customer attention in real time. It is always worth taking time to make sure your flyer stands out with the right colour schemes, photos, illustrations or graphics to best reflect the unique selling points of your business, and set it apart from other competitors.

The tangible nature of flyers is an added bonus. Once your flyer is physically in hand, the likelihood of it’s being kept in mind increases. The flexibility of distributing a flyer directly to potential customers allows both your flyer and your message to be either read directly, stored for reference, or passed to a friend or interested third party, further enhancing your company’s reach.

Flyers are a particularly expedient method of publicising incentives. These could be anything from offers, vouchers or promotional codes; all designed to bring in business quickly. The interactive nature of such codes and vouchers can also provide an effective measuring tool for the success of this particular strand of your campaign.

Lastly, flyers help to create a crucial base level of awareness for your business, a foundation that can then be capitalised upon with further marketing channels.

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Omniprint provide flyers for first ‘Festival of Cycling’

Flyer printing

200 people took to the roads for Market Harborough’s inaugural ‘Festival of Cycling’, for which Omniprint created printed flyers, on Sunday 29th of March.  Organisers Race Harborough had hoped that it would offer something for everybody, but the poor weather proved a bit too much for some. Cycling uphill - blog resize

100 participants took part in the 100km route, with 65 participants cycling the 50km route. Cyclists came from across the East Midlands, with former England rugby captain Martin Johnson joining the race.

Both routes started at Robert Smyth Academy and took in many local villages including Great Bowden, Foxton, Medbourne, Kibworth and Mowsley before finishing in Market Harborough.

The event raise over £1,200 for local charity AdamSmile.

Race Harborough’s next and most ambitious event will be the Carnival of Running, taking place on June 13th on Carnival day, which will include the first half marathon in Market Harborough for over 3 decades – see www.raceharborough.co.uk for details.