Let Your Business Take Flight With Flyers From Omniprint

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There are myriad reasons to make flyers an integral part of marketing your event or business, today!Paper Planes Set

Flyers are highly cost-effective in comparison with advertising space in newspapers and magazines, making them a prudent choice even for smaller businesses.

They are quick and easy to produce. With flyers, you can keep potential customers up to date with your latest business news or offers, with quick and effective production rates.

Flyers can be distributed to anyone, at any time, and anywhere. Whether you decide on a door-to-door approach or to distribute your flyers at more specific locations and events, the possibilities for the dispersal and influence of your business message is versatile and unlimited.

Striking fonts and arresting designs capture customer attention in real time. It is always worth taking time to make sure your flyer stands out with the right colour schemes, photos, illustrations or graphics to best reflect the unique selling points of your business, and set it apart from other competitors.

The tangible nature of flyers is an added bonus. Once your flyer is physically in hand, the likelihood of it’s being kept in mind increases. The flexibility of distributing a flyer directly to potential customers allows both your flyer and your message to be either read directly, stored for reference, or passed to a friend or interested third party, further enhancing your company’s reach.

Flyers are a particularly expedient method of publicising incentives. These could be anything from offers, vouchers or promotional codes; all designed to bring in business quickly. The interactive nature of such codes and vouchers can also provide an effective measuring tool for the success of this particular strand of your campaign.

Lastly, flyers help to create a crucial base level of awareness for your business, a foundation that can then be capitalised upon with further marketing channels.

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Key print marketing myths debunked

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Whilst many companies are putting a lot of time, money and effort into their digital marketing, in the belief that print marketing will not get them the results they want. However, these beliefs are often unfounded, and so here Omniprint address the myths that are leading to missed opportunities for your business…letters-286541

Print is not eco- friendly – Print is often criticised for being harmful to the environment, however it’s worth noting that paper farms replant around 4 million trees every day ( which is four times more than they harvest).  Paper based marketing also has a smaller carbon footprint than digital, as emissions are only produced once.

Print is ineffective – Whilst many slate print marketing as old fashioned, it’s important to note that consumers still respond to this style of advertising. 73% of consumers would prefer to receive direct mail than email, whilst 70% prefer to read on paper than on a screen. The fact that other companies are avoiding print can actually work in your favour.

Print can’t be personalised – Digital media can very quickly be altered and personalised, with many wrongly thinking that this cannot be done in print. However, there are many ways to make print even more bespoke than social or digital media. Variable printing makes it possible to keep the entire design the same, only changing a name or address.

Print offers limited options – It’s easy to stick to the standard features when creating print material, but remember that you can get creative with everything from colour to size. Paper colour, size, texture, weight and cut can all be varied, and that’s before the ink even gets on the page!

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New research shows that personal direct mail beats digital media in the battle of response rates

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The research, undertaken by direct mail specialists Romax found that direct mail campaigns consistently produced higher than average response rates in comparison to email based campaigns.You've Got Mail

This backs previous data from Direct Marketing Association, which has found that direct mail’s average response rate was 4.4%, compared to email’s response rate of 0.12%. This is perhaps down to the fact that direct mail can be used in personalised marketing campaigns, with recipients being more likely to open personalised letters or cards than an homogenous email.

The DMA also cites the decline in overall volume of direct mail as a reason for using it, as recipients are more likely to open one or two letters than the many emails they receive on a daily basis.

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Can print be sexy?

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In a speech at WAN-IFRA’s World Advertising Forum, Staffan Hultén, Vice President of RAM Research and Analysis of Media discussed the sexiness of print.Can print be sexy

“How sexy is print? It’s so unsexy you can hardly talk about it”, Mr Hultén said, noting that whilst print is unsexy, it is still an effective advertising medium. Key positives noted were that print is good at building a brand’s familiarity with readers and can be distributed frequently, so is consistently in readers’ minds.

Mr Hultén also argued that ‘advertising fatigue’ is becoming a problem, with people becoming fed up of ads, and so turning to ad blockers on their computers and televisions. This is good news for print, as this is often the only format in which customers see adverts.

Mr Hultén offered these thoughts on print:

  1. Size does matter, as people remember larger ads over smaller ones.
  2. Print is good for selling the positives of a brand.
  3. Readers only look at ads for a couple of seconds, and so have little time to register any complex information.
  4. There is no statistical proof that shows which side of the page is best to advertise on, so focus on what you have to say, rather than where your ad is placed.
  5. Frequency increases call to action.

Make your leaflet drop effective with Omniprint

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Omniprint, printers based in Market Harborough print a wide variety of items. Printed leaflets and flyers are one of the cheapest yet most effective of getting your name out there; whether you’re promoting a product, service or event you can communicate with both new customers and old.  Here are the key components of a perfect leaflet drop…leaflet drop

Create a great foundation – a leaflet should aim to attract attention, create interest in your product or service, and stir the reader into action.

Limit your design – although you want your leaflet to look professional, too many images and fonts will only serve to distract from your message, and can end up looking messy. Keep text to a minimum, but make your call to action obvious. One image will suffice to put your point across.
Size – When designing your leaflet, remember what size the paper you will be distributing is. For flyers that will be handed out on the street, try A6 as passers-by will be able to fit it in their pocket. Leaflets sent out via post often get a better response rate if they are delivered in an envelope, but should still only be A6 or A5 sized.
Copy – keep your copy short and succinct, and always acknowledge your customer, rather than talking about yourself.
Think of distribution channels – By having a strong idea of what your target audience is, you will know what distribution channel will work best. Inserting leaflets in magazines and papers, handing out on the street, placing on cars, or posting door to door can all have differing effects for different businesses.
Response rate – It’s all well and good handing out leaflets, but how do you know that they have been effective? Make offers that are specific to leaflet holders, and always add a web address or phone number to your leaflet – asking a customer to quote a code from the leaflet will ensure that you know where that custom has come from.

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