Company Christmas cards: outdated or a way of showing customers you care?

Christmas at Omniprint, Christmas Cards Market Harborough

Whilst sending company Christmas cards to your clients was once expected, in the last few years this trend has given way to sending e-cards or messages through social media. However, there are still many benefits to sending personalised cards to those clients, both past and present, that are important to your ornament

So what are the benefits?

Memorable – A Christmas card will bring your business back into or keep you in a client’s consciousness. Create a memorable design to ensure you stand out in a display of cards.

Build or maintain relationships – Sending a Christmas card is a great way of saying hello and keeping in touch with the clients you haven’t checked in with in a while. It’s also a way of saying thank you for their custom, and letting them know they are valued.

Start a conversation – Whilst sending out wishes of a ‘Merry Christmas’ is to be commended, companies should utilise the opportunity to open a conversation with a client and boost your business. By all means use the card to let them know of any special offers coming up, or offer them a discount for signing up before the end of the year.

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