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If you’d like to use brochures to market your business, you’ll need the copywriting, design, creative panache – and of course, customer knowledge, to make sure your brochures are effective and that potential customers respond. Market Harborough brochure printing

1. Know Your Customer.

The first step you should take before planning your brochure is to take time to understand your customer base. Who would want to buy your product? What is its unique selling point? What are its advantages and edge over your competitors? Researching at this stage, be it contacting previous customers, conducting telephone interviews with prospective ones or simply liaising with your salespeople constitutes a crucial measure in ensuring the effectiveness of your brochure in identifying specific and genuine customer needs.

2. Aid your planning with ‘AIDA’.

This acronym is a handy way of checking-off the following key points: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. To truly see great results, your brochure should first and foremost garner attention, raise interest enough to compel further reading, build upon this by creating desire within the customer for your product or service, and finally to convert all of the stages above with an effective call to action: this could be a completing and returning a contact form, calling your business number or registering for an online offer or even buying straight away.Market Harborough brochure printer

3. Don’t just tell, SELL!

Your aim should be to relate to the needs identified within your target market, and convey your solution to that. It is often said that the way to truly engage with a new acquaintance is to ask them questions about themselves; you’ve asked the questions in your market research, now relay your findings back to them and establish a connection. You should focus on the benefits, savings and other improving factors the customer will enjoy when they buy your product; if you can get your message across by highlighting your contribution to the customer’s, you will get a better initial reaction from the customer and a better chance of augmenting your business.

4. Choose slogans, headings or and graphics that capture attention and reflect your brochure’s content.

Make sure your copy is interesting, concise and relevant to your business objective – and make sure the photographs and headings accurately reflect the content!

5. Use any offers or benefits as headings to draw the customer further.

Prevent the customer from simply skimming through your brochure with eye-catching highlights and lucrative deals.Market Harborough printer

7. Present the customer with a solid reason to act NOW.

This could be a discount, complimentary gift or further benefit when the customer responds by a specific time of your choosing, or simply an emboldened reminder that the information applies while stocks last.

8. Ensure ease of response.

Make sure that the contact details for your business are accurate and clearly presented after the Reason to Act. These should include your company address, telephone number, website URL, links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts and if possible, a QR code to transport customers quickly to a specific product page, offer or newsletter.

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Harborough residents encouraged to have their say for State of the Town report

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Sustainable Harborough State of the Town surveyHarborough residents are being given the opportunity to make your voice heard by taking part in a survey about the town.  The results of the survey will form part of a new report.

Commissioned by Sustainable Harborough with support from Harborough District Council, the State of the Town report will consist of a combination of statistics from organisations such as the Office for National Statistics, supported by feedback from the opinion-based ‘Measuring what matters’ survey.

The report will include environmental data such as CO² emissions per capita and transport usage, as well as statistics about employment, the town’s economy, births and deaths and the local housing market. This will be supported by more subjective evidence from the residents’ survey as Gavin Fletcher, Project Manager for Sustainable Harborough explains.

“Facts can only tell us so much about a place – it is the people who live and work here who are best qualified to fill in the blanks and provide the full picture of what it’s really like to live in and around Market Harborough,” he says. “The more people who respond to the survey, the more accurate information we will have to help make decisions and have a positive impact on the town going forward.”

When completed, it will be used by local government and other relevant organisations to make recommendations for action and support bids for funding etc.  The full report will be published later in the year after all the information has been gathered, although Sustainable Harborough is hoping to share some of the initial findings at the I Love Market Harborough Festival on 27th June.

“Ultimately, the aim of the State of the Town report is to get a detailed picture of what it is like to live in the area – to help build on what we are doing well and work on things that  need improvement,” adds Gavin. “People will be asked their opinion on a range of issues such as  how easy it is to get a job after leaving education, the quality of our communal green spaces and about any participation in voluntary groups. This should provide a comprehensive set of measurable information which can be compared with a set of similar benchmark towns.”

You can can complete the 10 minute survey online here or by visiting

There will also be researchers carrying out the survey on the streets of Market Harborough on Carnival Day on Saturday 13thJune. Anyone who completes the full survey will be entered into a prize draw for a £50 local food voucher.

Sustainable Harborough is a lottery funded Communities Living Sustainably project aiming to show how community based projects can make life better in a market town. For more information about the survey or the report you can call 01858 466 207.


Let Your Business Take Flight With Flyers From Omniprint

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There are myriad reasons to make flyers an integral part of marketing your event or business, today!Paper Planes Set

Flyers are highly cost-effective in comparison with advertising space in newspapers and magazines, making them a prudent choice even for smaller businesses.

They are quick and easy to produce. With flyers, you can keep potential customers up to date with your latest business news or offers, with quick and effective production rates.

Flyers can be distributed to anyone, at any time, and anywhere. Whether you decide on a door-to-door approach or to distribute your flyers at more specific locations and events, the possibilities for the dispersal and influence of your business message is versatile and unlimited.

Striking fonts and arresting designs capture customer attention in real time. It is always worth taking time to make sure your flyer stands out with the right colour schemes, photos, illustrations or graphics to best reflect the unique selling points of your business, and set it apart from other competitors.

The tangible nature of flyers is an added bonus. Once your flyer is physically in hand, the likelihood of it’s being kept in mind increases. The flexibility of distributing a flyer directly to potential customers allows both your flyer and your message to be either read directly, stored for reference, or passed to a friend or interested third party, further enhancing your company’s reach.

Flyers are a particularly expedient method of publicising incentives. These could be anything from offers, vouchers or promotional codes; all designed to bring in business quickly. The interactive nature of such codes and vouchers can also provide an effective measuring tool for the success of this particular strand of your campaign.

Lastly, flyers help to create a crucial base level of awareness for your business, a foundation that can then be capitalised upon with further marketing channels.

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Print marketing and online businesses

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Here at Omniprint, we are happy to see any article that endorses print marketing as a way to support online, so enjoyed reading “The Surprising Power of Print Marketing to Leverage Your Ecommerce Site” on

The online article challenges the notion that print marketing is ‘largely on its deathbed’, and argues that print is still relevant, even for a totally ‘online’ business. It gives several important reasons why:

  • ‘Print engages more of the senses, making it more memorable. As customers feel and smell paper, they gain tactile memories to associate with you.’
  • ‘Print pushes you to consider how well your visual design translates across different media. While your logo and colours may look great on a monitor, how well would they do in paper and ink?’
  • ‘Print helps you test your ability to engage your audience without falling back on a digital crutch. When there aren’t animations or clickable components available to hold viewers’ attention, how appealing is your design?’
  • ‘Print gives you a tangible way to build credibility with your target audience. By consistently displaying your logo, you convey that you are serious about your business, which builds brand awareness in your community.’
  • ‘Print makes you more personable. It reminds people that you are the face behind your business, especially if you include a picture of yourself or a short handwritten note on your print promotions.’

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5 alternative wedding stationery ideas

Wedding stationery Market Harborough

With websites such as Pinterest offering soon-to-be weds with a whole host of original ideas for every aspect of their wedding – from the outfits to the venue and themes, weddings are more easily customised now.Alternative wedding stationery

One way of letting your personalities show in your wedding is through your stationery, which is no longer limited to a5 save the dates, invitations and place holders. Here are Omniprint’s ideas for alternative wedding stationery…

Poster style invitations – Think outside of the box and consider a poster design. Attendees often keep your invitation as a token to remember your wedding by, so why not create a poster, which can be framed and hung up by proud families.

Circular invites – Circular invites are a great way of deviating from the norm, whilst allowing for a traditional design.

Seeded paper – Seeded paper can be used for all wedding stationery, from menus to favour tags and place holders, encouraging guests to take it away and plant it for a lasting environmentally friendly keepsake.

Stationery games – Ideal for at the table, get your stationery printed so guests can play with it. Create origami instructions on the back of menus, or leave around paper fortune tellers for a fun way of telling your guests what they’ll be eating.

Stickers – Stickers are a really simple way of customising any stationery. Design them with a couples monogram and pop them on envelopes, on the back of invitations, and on place holders.

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Have you checked off your wedding stationery checklist?

Wedding stationery Market Harborough

wedding stationery checklistThere’s nothing organised people like more than ticking off a checklist, so we’ve created the ultimate wedding stationery checklist to help out those who are about to begin the wedding planning process…

  1. Save the date – This will probably be the first that most people hear of your wedding date. Most save the date cards are simple, bearing just names, dates, and wedding location (if this is decided). Use elements of your wedding colours or theme if this is decided, but if not, remember that most people will also receive an invitation. These should go out around 6 months before the wedding if possible.
  2. Wedding invitation – This is where you can begin to use your wedding colours and theme. Your invitation should go out around 6 to 10 weeks prior to the wedding (earlier if you are expecting guests to travel to the wedding). Guests will use this as a guide for where to go, how to dress, what the theme of the wedding is, and keep it as a memento after the big day.
  3. Thank you cards – Get your thank you cards printed prior to the big day, as most couples won’t want to organise these straight after. These can include elements of your theme to bring all the stationery together, but should be handwritten.
  4. Order of service – These can really reflect your theme, and allow you to make your mark as a couple. Always include the date and venue of the wedding, the order of events, the titles of any readings or songs, and the names of bridal party members.
  5. Table plan & place cards –the table layout and décor is often one of the places where the theme of the wedding is displayed most prominently. Place cards can be traditional tented cards, or could be attached to an object linked with your theme – an outdoor wedding lends itself to flowers or fruit, so why not be a bit imaginative?

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Get your wedding invitations printed with Omniprint

Wedding stationery Market Harborough

A key part of your wedding planning, your invitations and ‘save the dates’ will both set the tone for the theme of the wedding, and provide the most important information to your guests – when and where!wedding invitations

Bespoke wedding invitations are the best way to ensure your wedding is unique to you, long before the day itself. The aim is to give all the vital information – when and where, how to get there, where to stay, and any dress code.

The design of the invitation is a chance to really make your mark as a couple, highlighting any theme your wedding will have. Remember that for many of your guests the invitation will serve as a keepsake to remind them of the day, so take the time on your design and make it your own.

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Are customer magazines experiencing a recovery?

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The news that budget food retailer Aldi has introduced a new customer magazine in Germany follows a recent trend of brands turning to print to help  market a variety of their goods and services.

For several years, brands have turned their attention to online marketing – through websites, email newsletters and social media, yet it seems that many are making the change back to traditional print marketing. Others, such as Boots and Tesco never stopped printing, finding that their audiences responded well to the print magazine format. Customer magazines

Customer magazines offer a highly important channel for business owners. Tesco Magazine commands a readership of 1.9million, whilst five of the top 10 magazines in the UK are customer publishing titles.  Over a third of the UK’s top 100 titles are produced for brands, whilst 14% of these customer magazines have a readership of 250,000 or more.

Whilst customer magazines are proven to work for big brands, smaller businesses are still hesitant to turn back the clock and give it a go, but magazines or leaflets really offer a unique opportunity for you to show your customers what you have to offer.

Perhaps try scaling down proceedings by creating a quarterly 4-page magazine. Use this opportunity to get your products and services seen by new customers and highlight any positive company news for your current customers, as well as featuring high quality images and any deals or offers.

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Designing your pop up banner

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With the business expo and conference season coming up, now’s the time to get your pop up banner stands designed and printed. Pop up banners are an important marketing and promotional material, and can help your business to stand out amongst the crowd. banner stands

Here are Omniprint’s top tips for designing an effective pop up banner stand…

Display your logo at the top of your stand – remember that people are most likely to read (whether consciously or unconsciously) what’s at eye level. Keep your logo and strapline towards the top to ensure that you banner stand grabs the attention of passers-by.

Design from L-R – It can be tempting to go all out on the design and really switch things up, but it’s important to remember that customers are used to reading from left to right, starting from the top and ending at the bottom. Start with the most relevant or eye-catching information and leave the finer details towards the bottom, or leave them off completely to encourage customers to ask questions.

Only use quality images – Remember that the pop up banner is going to be far larger than on your screen, so images should be of the highest quality to avoid pixilation. Never save images direct from websites as they are likely to be of a far lower resolution than you will need.

Always remember to include contact details – Not everyone who walks past your stand is going to stop and chat, so make sure that your contact details are clearly visible. Include phone number, website and email address, but also any social media channels, as customers may want to get a flavour of what your brand is about before committing to contacting you.

Think about where it will be positioned – Having a banner stand full of information is all well and good if you have a prime location where it can be seen fully, but think about what information customers will see if your banner is behind an exhibition table. Find out your location before designing, and work around this.

Pop up banner stands can really help a business to stand out when the design is well thought through and executed. Omniprint can help your design to come to life – call us on 01858 462152 today to get a quote.

Market Harborough Local Food and Drink Map

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Omniprint were happy to be asked to print the second edition of Sustainable Harborough’s Local Food and Drink map for the start of April.

The A2 double-sided map features the best of Market Harborough’s local producers and retailers, as well as the restaurants, pubs and cafés that sell their produce.

Market Harborough Local Food and Drink Map

Image courtesy of Sustainable Harborough

Maps are available to pick up from The Angel Hotel, Harborough Market, The Waterfront Restaurant, edibLE16, Duncan Murray Wines, and many more! Just keep an eye out around the town.

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