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If you’d like to use brochures to market your business, you’ll need the copywriting, design, creative panache – and of course, customer knowledge, to make sure your brochures are effective and that potential customers respond. Market Harborough brochure printing

1. Know Your Customer.

The first step you should take before planning your brochure is to take time to understand your customer base. Who would want to buy your product? What is its unique selling point? What are its advantages and edge over your competitors? Researching at this stage, be it contacting previous customers, conducting telephone interviews with prospective ones or simply liaising with your salespeople constitutes a crucial measure in ensuring the effectiveness of your brochure in identifying specific and genuine customer needs.

2. Aid your planning with ‘AIDA’.

This acronym is a handy way of checking-off the following key points: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. To truly see great results, your brochure should first and foremost garner attention, raise interest enough to compel further reading, build upon this by creating desire within the customer for your product or service, and finally to convert all of the stages above with an effective call to action: this could be a completing and returning a contact form, calling your business number or registering for an online offer or even buying straight away.Market Harborough brochure printer

3. Don’t just tell, SELL!

Your aim should be to relate to the needs identified within your target market, and convey your solution to that. It is often said that the way to truly engage with a new acquaintance is to ask them questions about themselves; you’ve asked the questions in your market research, now relay your findings back to them and establish a connection. You should focus on the benefits, savings and other improving factors the customer will enjoy when they buy your product; if you can get your message across by highlighting your contribution to the customer’s, you will get a better initial reaction from the customer and a better chance of augmenting your business.

4. Choose slogans, headings or and graphics that capture attention and reflect your brochure’s content.

Make sure your copy is interesting, concise and relevant to your business objective – and make sure the photographs and headings accurately reflect the content!

5. Use any offers or benefits as headings to draw the customer further.

Prevent the customer from simply skimming through your brochure with eye-catching highlights and lucrative deals.Market Harborough printer

7. Present the customer with a solid reason to act NOW.

This could be a discount, complimentary gift or further benefit when the customer responds by a specific time of your choosing, or simply an emboldened reminder that the information applies while stocks last.

8. Ensure ease of response.

Make sure that the contact details for your business are accurate and clearly presented after the Reason to Act. These should include your company address, telephone number, website URL, links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ accounts and if possible, a QR code to transport customers quickly to a specific product page, offer or newsletter.

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