Designing your pop up banner

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With the business expo and conference season coming up, now’s the time to get your pop up banner stands designed and printed. Pop up banners are an important marketing and promotional material, and can help your business to stand out amongst the crowd. banner stands

Here are Omniprint’s top tips for designing an effective pop up banner stand…

Display your logo at the top of your stand – remember that people are most likely to read (whether consciously or unconsciously) what’s at eye level. Keep your logo and strapline towards the top to ensure that you banner stand grabs the attention of passers-by.

Design from L-R – It can be tempting to go all out on the design and really switch things up, but it’s important to remember that customers are used to reading from left to right, starting from the top and ending at the bottom. Start with the most relevant or eye-catching information and leave the finer details towards the bottom, or leave them off completely to encourage customers to ask questions.

Only use quality images – Remember that the pop up banner is going to be far larger than on your screen, so images should be of the highest quality to avoid pixilation. Never save images direct from websites as they are likely to be of a far lower resolution than you will need.

Always remember to include contact details – Not everyone who walks past your stand is going to stop and chat, so make sure that your contact details are clearly visible. Include phone number, website and email address, but also any social media channels, as customers may want to get a flavour of what your brand is about before committing to contacting you.

Think about where it will be positioned – Having a banner stand full of information is all well and good if you have a prime location where it can be seen fully, but think about what information customers will see if your banner is behind an exhibition table. Find out your location before designing, and work around this.

Pop up banner stands can really help a business to stand out when the design is well thought through and executed. Omniprint can help your design to come to life – call us on 01858 462152 today to get a quote.

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