Print marketing and online businesses

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Here at Omniprint, we are happy to see any article that endorses print marketing as a way to support online, so enjoyed reading “The Surprising Power of Print Marketing to Leverage Your Ecommerce Site” on

The online article challenges the notion that print marketing is ‘largely on its deathbed’, and argues that print is still relevant, even for a totally ‘online’ business. It gives several important reasons why:

  • ‘Print engages more of the senses, making it more memorable. As customers feel and smell paper, they gain tactile memories to associate with you.’
  • ‘Print pushes you to consider how well your visual design translates across different media. While your logo and colours may look great on a monitor, how well would they do in paper and ink?’
  • ‘Print helps you test your ability to engage your audience without falling back on a digital crutch. When there aren’t animations or clickable components available to hold viewers’ attention, how appealing is your design?’
  • ‘Print gives you a tangible way to build credibility with your target audience. By consistently displaying your logo, you convey that you are serious about your business, which builds brand awareness in your community.’
  • ‘Print makes you more personable. It reminds people that you are the face behind your business, especially if you include a picture of yourself or a short handwritten note on your print promotions.’

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