Show your customer you care in print

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Whilst it can be easy to fire off a quick thank you email, or even set up an automated response to interested customers, it is human nature to value the company that goes the extra mile to make you feel appreciated.Personalised thank you card

One way to show your current customers that you care and improve customer retention is by using print!

Tell your customers what you’re up to in a mailed newsletter.

With email newsletters all the rage nowadays, go for a mailed newsletter to stand out from the crowd and let your customers know what you’re up to – include news on new products and services, as well as offers that can benefit them.

Write handwritten personalised notes

Keep a stock of headed company paper, and write notes (handwritten rather than typed has the best results). Thank your customer for doing business with you, or just let them know you were thinking of them and think you could help them out.

Special occasions

Keep a note of special occasions – send out birthday cards to business owners, anniversary cards to businesses that have worked with you for a number of years, and Christmas cards. Be creative with your design, send them to Omniprint to get them printed, and then finish with a handwritten note and envelope.

If you’re looking to show your customers you love them through print, call Omniprint today on 01858 462152 to get a quote.

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