Your wedding stationery checklist

Wedding stationery Market Harborough

With the summer wedding season just around the corner, we thought we’d share our wedding stationery checklist, based on years of printing experience, with those brides and grooms to be…Wedding stationery

  1. Send a save the date – for most people this will be the first they hear of your wedding date. Generally the design of the card is simple, and could include elements of your wedding colours or theme if this has been decided. This should include your names, the wedding dates, and if possible, the wedding location so that guests from further away can begin making arrangements.
  2. Wedding invitation – the wedding invitation is where you can really begin to use the theme of your wedding. The invitation should go out eight to ten weeks before your wedding, so start ordering at least three months before. Remember that guests will use this as a guide before and during the wedding, and will hold onto it as a keepsake afterwards.
  3. Optional invitation inserts – with the rise of personalised and bespoke invitations has come an influx of additional inserts. Why not consider adding reply cards, reception cards, directions and information cards or event cards into your invitation?
  4. Thank you cards – it’s worth getting thank you cards printed prematurely, as most won’t have time to organise these straight away after the big day. These notes could include an element of your theme, but should be handwritten, thanking guests for attending and for any guests.
  5. Order of service – orders of service are also often kept as mementoes, so it can be nice to display your creative side in these. They should always include the date and venue of the wedding, the order of events, the titles of any readings or songs, and the names of bridal party members.
  6. Table plan & place cards –the table layout and décor is often one of the places where the theme of the wedding is displayed most prominently. Place cards can be traditional tented cards, or could be attached to an object linked with your theme – an outdoor wedding lends itself to flowers or fruit, so why not be a bit imaginative?

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